I can’t believe I forgot to share a good news with everyone. While I was traveling through Vietnam and Korea last winter, I’ve got accepted into SOI 57 Annual with the Le Flâneur image. Yesterday I got a news I got into 2015 Comic and Cartoon Art Annual for my 12 Units story.

I’m always honored and grateful for getting accepted into annuals! Thank you!

A Poet / News

Work I did for Maisonneuve Magazine in Canada. Thank you Anna for the art direction!

For my own personal project, which I seem to work on every year (this year was the 12 Units zine), I’m in the process of collecting ideas and materials. I’m actually traveling to Vietnam and Korea next month, and will be researching while I’m there. It’s going to be a different kind of work than my usual illustrations, but the idea of “imagined world” is still going to be similar. Please stay tuned for any updates on the project development.


I guess I never posted interviews I did on here.

Click here to see interview I did with Rare Device. Photo by Derek Macario.

Click here to see interview I did with Korea Creative Content Agency. It’s in Korean. 한국 콘텐츠 진흥원과 함께 했던 인터뷰 입니다 :-)

Just noticed I’m wearing the same black sweater. Enjoy!

Opening Reception

Here are some photos from last week’s opening reception at Rare Device. I was so grateful to have such a wonderful and supportive friends! Thank you all so much <3 If you missed the opening, it will be up until the end of June.  You can look and purchase my work here! All the photos were taken by Derek Macario.

Taylor and his friends.

Ryan and his lovely Fiancée Jane.

Marie and Kai reading my zine, 12 Units!

It was really good to see some of my old friends. Here’s Jacob, one of my old friends from back home. We were chosen “most artistic” on our middle school yearbook about 10 years ago and still actively making art!

I made some stickers for the guests. I never let my guests go home empty handed! If you buy zine on my website, you will get free stickers!

Thanks again all you lovelies!



Slowly Rewind

Come to my solo show opening on June 6th at Rare Device!